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Cheng Guodong
Doctor's degree
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320 Donggang West Road, Lanzhou, Gansu, China


Cheng Guodong,is a geocryology scientist, CAS Member, Professor in CAREERI, Doctor Tutor. Prof. Cheng was born in Shanghai, on July 11th, 1943, graduated from Beijing Institute of Geology (now China University of Geosciences), and his major is hydrogeology and engineering geology, he engaged in advanced studies in the United States Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab, and obtained the title of Honorary Professor. Prof. Cheng served as the President of International Geocryology Association, and now he is the visiting professor in China University of Geosciences, the chief scientist of committee of experts in Science Centre of Western Resources and Environment, CAS, the member of the geographic review group in National Natural Science Foundation of China, the member of review group of Natural Science Award, CAS, the winner of Special Government Allowance, and the winner of the Natural Labor Medal in 2001. Prof. Cheng also was the member of the editorial board in the Netherlandish journal “Science and Technology in Cold Region” and the English journal “Permafrost and Perglacial Processes”, the chief scientist of Science Centre of Resources and Environment of Western China. Now Prof. Cheng has cultivated 12 Master graduates, 9 PhD graduates, and 3 Postdoctors.  

R&D Scopes

Physical Geography (Watershed Hydrology, Watershed Water and Soil Resource Science and Watershed Restoration Ecology) 



Community Service
Executive Director of the Geographical Society of China, Director of the Glaciology and Geocryology Branch of the Geographical Society of China, Director of the Earth Science Division of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Chairman of the International Permafrost Association

Awards and Honors

    1)1978, the Permafrost Studies in the Construction of Qinghai-Tibet Railway--Major Science and Technology Achievement Award of the National Science. 

  2)1978, the Embankment Experiment of Thick-layer Underground Ice Areas in Reshui Coal Mine--Major Science and Technology Achievement Award of CAS. 

  3)1980, the Research of the Embankment Height in the Reconstruction Project of Asphalt Road Surface of Qinghai-Tibet Highway.-The third prize of Science and Technology Achievement Award of CAS. 

  4)1984, the Research of Permafrost along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway.-The first prize of Major Science and Technology Achievement Award of CAS.  

  5)1987, the Construction Technology of Asphalt Road Surface in the Permafrost Regions of Qinghai-Tibet Highway.-The first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. 

  6)1990, the Roadbeds Engineering in Permafrost Regions-The second prize of National Excellent Books Award. 

  7)1993, the Repeat Dephlegmation Mechanism of the Formation of the Thick-layer Underground Ice-The second prize of the Natural Science Award of CAS 

Major Published Works

Research Works