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Name  Qin Dahe Degree  Doctor's degree
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Address  320 Donggang West Road, Lanzhou, Gansu, China
  • Resume:
  • Qin Dahe was born on January, 1947; he is a professor, Doctor Tutor, CAS Member and TWAS Member. He graduated from the geology and geography department of Lanzhou University, and obtained the Master Degree and the Doctor Degree from the geography department of Lanzhou University in 1981 and 1992. 

    Prof. Qin held many academic positions at home and aboard, and his main international positions were: Vice President and President of the glaciology working group of Scientific Committee on International Antarctic Research, Director of the International Glaciological Society, Vice President of the International Commission on Snow Ice, the member of the working group of Science Guidance of CliC, the main author and the chief umpire of some chapters in the third assessment report of IPCC, and the co-chairman of the first working group in the fourth assessment report. His main domestic positions were: Director of the CAS Earth Sciences Division, Chief Science of “the cryosphere dynamic process and its influence mechanism and adaptation countermeasures on climate, hydrological and ecological in China” (2007-2011), Prof. Qin presided over the Chinese Climate Change Assessment, and held the post of Director of the State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Science. 

    Now Prof. Qin is Director of the State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences in CAREERI, CAS. His main international positions are: Co-chairman of the first working group of the fifth assessment report of IPCC, Vice President of IGU, and the member in science committee of IGBP, and so on. 

    Prof. Qin engaged in the cryosphere and global change research for a long time, he organized the scientific investigations and researches of South Pole, North Pole, Inner Asia and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau for many times, and obtained many innovative achievements, for example: he studied the physical processes and the climate and environmental record on snow layer of the ice sheet surface in South Pole systematically, the processes of snow layer metamorphism, the relation of the ratio of stable isotope and the temperature, the source and delivery of the water vapor and impurities, and these researches are accepted by domestic and foreign counterparts, and these research achievements make the Chinese Antarctic glaciology research jumped the international advanced level. He took the lead on research of the present processes of snow ice and the circular experiment observation research of snow ice biogeochemistry in western China, demonstrated the applicability of the climate and environmental index in the ice core of Chinese mountain land; the research for the change of glacier and the record of ice core in Everest regions, which revealed the present environment and recent climate change in Earth’s highest altitude regions. Prof. Qin set up the Ice Core Research Laboratory in our country, and turned it into a State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences; he presided over the assessment of the change of the climate and environment and the western environmental evolution in our country, promoted the climate change research of our country and the international on the synchronous development leveland made an outstanding contribution to the research of global change in our country. 

  • R&D Scopes:
  • Physical geography (Cryosphere and environment) 

  • Title:
  • Professor
  • Position:
  • Director of the State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Sciences
  • Community Service:
  • Awards and Honors:
  • Five Science and Technology Achievement Awards of National and the Provincial Ministries, including two first prizes of CAS Natural Science Award, one third prize of National Natural Science Award (ranking first)
  • Major Published Works:
  • Research Works:
  • Prof. Qin Presided over many significant scientific research projects on Ministry of Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China and CAS, for example: 

    1) Innovative Research Group Science Foundation Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: Cryosphere and Global Change (41121001), 2012.1-2014.12. 

    2) Surface Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: the Basic Research for the Connotation, Extension and Subject System of Cryosphere Science (41171053), 2012.1-2014.12. 

    3) “973” Project: Dynamic Processes of Cryosphere and the Influence Mechanism and the Adaptive Strategy of the Climate, Hydrological and Ecological (2007CB41), 2007.7-2011.12. 

    4) West Action Project of CAS: Climate and Environment Changes in China (2012KZCX2-XB2-16), 2008.1-2011.12. 

    5) Knowledge Innovation Major Projects of CAS: The Evolution Rules Research of West Ecological Environment and Water and Soil Resources Sustainable Utilization (KZCX1-10), 2000-2004. 

    6) Jointly Funded Project of Ministry of Science and Technology, China Meteorological Administration and CAS: Climate and Environment Evolution in China, 2004-2006. 

    7) International Science and Technology Cooperation Plan Key Project of Ministry of Science and Technology: Antarctic Ice Sheet Inland Inspection and Ice Core Studies of International Cooperation (2001CB711003), 2002-2005.