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Name  Lai Yuanming Degree  Doctor
E-mail  ymlai@lzb.ac.cn Phone  +86-931-4967288
Zip Code  730000 Fax  none
Home Page  none
Address  320 Donggang West Road, Lanzhou, Gansu, China
  • Resume:
  • 1999, Ph.D., Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, China

    1986, M.S., Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Lanzhou, China

    1983, B.S., Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, Ganzhou, China

  • R&D Scopes:
  • (1) Physical geography (Frozen soil environment and climate change, engineering in cold regions, thermodynamics of frozen soils)

    (2) Geotechnical engineering (Soil mechanics, numerical method in geotechnical engineering,engineering in cold regions, mechanics and physics of frozen soils)

  • Title:
  • Professor
  • Position:
  • 3-deputy director of Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, and Vice-Director of State Key Laboratory of Frozen Soil Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • Community Service:
  • 2013.01—2015.12, an editor board member of Cold Regions Science and Technology; 2013.01—2016.12, an editor board member of SCIENCE CHINA-Technological Sciences; 2010.11—2015.12, an editor board member of ISRN Civil Engineering; 2008.12—2012.12, executive vice editor-in-chief of Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions; 2008.12—2012.12, an editor board member of The Open Geology Journal; 2012.05—2015.05, an editor board member of Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Awards and Honors:
  • Scientific Awards

    1. The “New Technology for Modulating and Controlling Ground Temperatures of the Roadbed in Permafrost Regions and for Mitigating Frost Hazards” was awarded with the 2nd Class of National Technical Invention Award of China by the Chinese State Council in 2010.

    2. Qinghai-Tibet Railway Engineering” was awardedwiththe Special Class Prize (higher than the First Class Prize) of the National Science and Technology Progress Award of China by the Chinese State Council in 2008 (one of prize winners).

    3. Prediction of Frost Hazards of Roadways and Tunnels in Cold Regions and Their Integrated Key Mitigative Techniques ” was awarded with the 2nd Class of the National Science and Technology Progress Awards of China by the Chinese State Council in 2005.

    4. “Prediction of Frost Hazards of Roadways and Tunnels in Permafrost Regions on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and The Combined Key Preventive Technologies”was awarded with the First Class Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Gansu province in 2004.

    5. Doctoral dissertation, titled on “Nonlinear Analysis for the Coupled Problem of Temperature, Seepage and Stress Fields in Cold-Region Tunnels”, was awarded by the Distinguished Hundred Doctoral Thesis Award of State in 2002. 

    Personal honors

    1. “The Outstanding Worker in China” was awarded by the State Council of the P. R. China in 2010.

    2. Talents of China in the New Millennia” was awarded in 2006 by Ministry of Personnel of China, 2006.

    3. National Excellent Workers in Science and Technology” was awarded by the China Association for Science and Technology in 2005.

    4. “The Excellent 100 Talents Program of the Chinese Academy of Science” was awarded in 2003.

    5. “Distinguished Your Scholars of the Natural Science Foundation of China”was awarded in 2002.

  • Major Published Works:
  • Co-authored more than 240 papers in peer-reviewed journals, including 94 papers and 116 papers indexed by SCI and EI, respectively. The main representative works are listed as follows:
    1.  Lai Yuanming, Zhang Mingyi and Li shuangyang. 2009. Theory and Application of Cold Regions Engineering, Sicence Press, Beijing.
    2.  Lai Yuanming, Yang Yugui, Chang Xiaoxiao and Li Shuangyang. Strength criterion and elastoplastic constitutive model of frozen silt in generalized plastic mechanics, International Journal of Plasticity (SCI, IF=4.8), 2010,Vol.26, No.10,1461-1484.
    3.  Lai Yuanming, Gao Zhihua, Zhang Shujuan, Chang Xiaoxiao. Stress-strain Relationships and Nonlinear Mohr Strength Criteria of Frozen Sandy clay, SOILS AND FOUNDATIONS (SCI), 2010, Vol.50, No.1,45-53.
    4.  Lai Yuanming, Guo Hongxin and Dong Yuanhong. Laboratory investigation on the cooling effect of the embankment with L-shaped thermosyphon and crushed-rock revetment in permafrost regions, Cold Regions Science and Technology (SCI), 2009, Vol. 58, No.3, 143–150.
    5.  Lai Yuanming, Jin Long, Chang Xiaoxiao. Yield criterion and elasto-plastic damage constitutive model for frozen sandy soil, International Journal of Plasticity (SCI, IF=4.5), 2009, Vol.25, No.6, 1177-1205.
    6.  Yuanming Lai, Weidong Ma, Mingyi Zhang, Wenbing Yu and Zhihua Gao. Experimental investigation on influence of boundary conditions on cooling effect and mechanism of crushed-rock layers, Cold Regions Science and Technology (SCI), 2006, Vol.45, No.2,114-121.
    7.  Lai Yuanming, Zhang Mingyi, Liu Zhiqiang & Yu Wenbing. Numerical analysis for cooling effect of open boundary ripped-rock embankment on Qinghai-Tibetan Railway, Sciences in China(SCI), D, 2006, Vol.49, No.7, 764-772.
    8.  Lai Yuanming, Zhang Shujuan, Zhang Luxin and Xiao Jianzhang. Adjusting Temperature Distribution under the South and North slopes of Embankment in Permafrost Regions by the Ripped-rock Revetment,Cold Regions Science and Technology (SCI), 2004, Vol.39, No.1, 67-79.
    9.  Lai Yuanming, Wu Ziwang, Zhu Yuanlin, Zhu Linnan. Nonlinear Analysis for the Coupled Problem of Temperature, Seepage and Stress Fields in Cold-Region Tunnels, Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology(SCI),Vol.13, No.4, 1998. 435-440.
    10. Lai Yuanming, Wu Ziwang, Zhang Shujuan, Yu Wenbing and Den Yousheng,Study of methods to control frost action in cold regions tunnels,ASCE Journal of Cold Regions Engineering(SCI), Vol.17, No.4, 2003, 144-152.
  • Research Works:
  • 1. The Key Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: Salt transportation process and deformation mechanism study on salty embankments in cold regions road (Grant No. 41230630), 2013.01—2017.12, host.
    2. Sub-project of National key Basic Research Program of China (973): Dynamics process of thermo-mechanical interaction between buildings and frozen soil (Grant No. 2012CB026102), 2012.01—2016.12, host.