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Lv Shihua
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320 Donggang West Road,Lanzhou, Gansu, China


SEP.1999-prsent: Professor and deputy director of Cold and Arid region environmental and engineering research Institute.

SEP.1998-1999: worked in Synoptic Dynamic Division, Lanzhou Institute of Lanzhou Institute of Plateau Atmospheric Physics,

JAN.1996-AUG.1998: Visiting Scientist worked with  Prof. Peter Chu NPS of USA to setup nested

limited regional ocean model with global model.Development limited area coupling ocean and atmosphere model to study Monsoon is south china sea.

JAN.1994-DEC.1995: worked in Synoptic Dynamic Division, Lanzhou Institute of Plateau Atmospheric Physics. worked on real-time numerical Prediction model system on PC.Professor and head of the synoptic dynamic division

DEC.1992--DEC.1993 Worked in university of Edinburgh in U.K. with Harwood and study to run GCM model in parallel computer and worked on climate modeling using UGAMP GCM Model.

MAY.1989--OCT.1994 Worked in Synoptic Dynamic Division, Lanzhou Institute of Plateau Atmospheric Physics. Worked on modeling of land surface process, established data base for HEIFE.Associate professor and Deputy head of the synoptic dynamic division

APR.1984--MAY.1989 Worked in computer Division, Lanzhou Institute of Plateau Atmospheric Physics, Lanzhou. Associate researcher and computer manager.

SEP.1982--MAR.1984 Worked in Synoptic Dynamic Division, Lanzhou Institute of Plateau Atmospheric Physics. Worked on diagnostics of circulation simulation of orographic effects.

SEP.1979--SEP.1982: Graduated student in Synoptic and Dynamic Meteorology Lanzhou Institute of Plateau Atmospheric Physics, Lanzhou M.S.

SEP.1976-SEP.1979: Studied in meteorology at Meteorology Section of Lanzhou University, Lanzhou

R&D Scopes




Community Service

Awards and Honors

Major Published Works

1. Shihua Lu 2004:Simulation of The Boundary Layer Characteristics over Oasis Mountaintop。 Journal Of Desert Research, Vol.24, No.1 41-46.

2. Shihua Lu, An xingqing and Yuchen Chen 2004:Simulation of Oasis breeze circulation in the arid region of the Northwestern China, Scice in China Ser, D Earth Science 2004 Vol.47 Supp. 101-107.

3. Shihua Lu,Chen Yuchun, Chen Shiqiang, Peter Chu 2004: Preliminary Study of Thermodynamic of Oasis-Desert Interaction in Hexi Area in Summer, Plateau Meteorology(in Chinese) Vol.23, No.3, P127-P131.

4. Shihua Lu, Siqiong Luo 2004: Numerical simulation of summer boundary layer characteristics in Dunhuang Oasis. Plateau Meteorology(in Chinese), Vol.23, No.3, P147-154

5. Shihua Lu 2004: Numerical Simulation of Boundary Layer Character in Oasis Basin

Plateau Meteorology(in Chinese), Vol.23, No.3, P171-176

6. Shihua Lu, Cheng, Y. C., 1995:The simulation of oasis and desert surface influence on atmospheric boundary, Journal of Desert Research (in Chinese), 1995, 15(2): 116-123.

7. Shihua Lu, Cheng, Y. C., 1999:The influence of north west China afforestation on regional climate China, Plateau Meteorology (in Chinese), 1999, 18(3): 416-424.

8. Meng Xianhong, Lü Shihua, Zhang Tangtang, Guo Juxin, Gao Yanhong, Bao Yan, Wen Lijuan, Luo Siqiong, Liu Yuanpu. 2009: Numerical simulations of the atmospheric and land conditions over the Jinta Oasis in Northwestern China with satellite-derived land surface parameters, Journal of Geophysical Research, 114, D06114 doi: 10.1029/2008JD010360.

9. LI Wanyuan, Lu Shihua, Shen ZIbao, 2008: Improvement and Application of the Similarity Saltation Model: Wind-Tunnel Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation of the Vertical Sand Mass Flux Distribution in the Saltation Layer. Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 127(2):313-332.

10. Luo Siqiong, Lü Shihua, Zhang Yu. Development and Validation of the Frozen Soil Parameterization Scheme in Common Land Model. Cold Regions Science and Technology, 2009, 55(1), 130-140.

Research Works

1. The Innovation project of Chinese Academy of Science: The study of water and heat cycle and its effects on local climate at the typical ground surface in the source region of Yellow River

2. The National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program): climate modeling for climate system using CMIP5 data.