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Name  Li Xinrong Degree  none
E-mail  Lxinrong@ lzb.ac.cn Phone  0931-827792
Zip Code  730000 Fax  none
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Address  Donggang West Road 320, Lanzhou, Gansu, China
  • Resume:
  • R&D Scopes:
  • Restoration ecology.Plant ecology; Water resouces and cycling.Conservation biology and biodiversity in arid regions.

  • Title:
  • Professor
  • Position:
  • stationmaster,Shapotou Desert Research & Experiment Station, Chinese Academy of Sciences. manager,Laboratory of Ecology and Agriculture, Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Member of Consultative Committee of Yinchuan Peoples’ Government, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China. Council member of Ecological Society of China. Council member of Chinese Grassland Management Society. Consultant of Agriculture Experts Committee of Gansu Province.
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  • Awards and Honors:
  • Major Published Works:
  • (1) Li, X. R. Tan, H. J., He M. Z., Wang, X. P., Liu, L. C. 2009. Patterns of shrub species richness and abundance in relation to environmental factors on the Alxa Plateau: prerequisites for conserving shrub diversity in extreme arid desert regions, Science in China Ser. D Earth Sciences, 52(5): 1-12.

    (2) Li, X. R., DS. Kong, H. J. Tan, X. P. Wang, 2007. Changes in soil and in vegetation following stabilisation of dune in southeastern fringe of the Tengger Desert, China, Plant and Soil, 300: 221-231. 

    (3) Li, X. R., M. Z. He, Z. H. Duan, H. L.Xiao, X. H. Jia. 2007. Recovery of topsoil physicochemical properties in revegetated sites in the sand-burial ecosystems of the Tengger Desert, northern China, Geomorphology, 88: 254-265.

    (4) Li, X. R., Y. W. Chen, Y. G. Su, H. J. Tan, 2006. Effects of biological soil crust on desert insect diversity: evidence from the Tengger Desert of northern China, Arid Land Research and Management, 20 (4). 1-18.

    (5) Li, X. R., H. L. Xiao, M. Z., He, J. G. Zhang, 2006. Sand barriers of Straw checkerboard for habitat restoration in extremely arid desert region of China, Ecological Engineering, 28: 149-157.

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    (10) Li X. R., H. L. Xiao et al., 2004. Long-term Ecosystem Effects of Sand-binding Vegetation in Shapotou Region of Tengger Desert, Northern China, Restoration Ecology, 12: 376-390.

  • Research Works:
  • 2009-2012 Eco-hydrological mechanism on rehabilitation of soil-vegetation systems in arid sandy desert region, Chinese National Science Foundation for Young Talent (No. 40825001). Project leader.

    2007-2009 Effects of biological soil crusts on the species diversity of desert insects in the southeastern edge of the Tengger Desert, Chinese National Science Foundation (No. 40671011).Project leader.

    2005-2007 Effects of biological soil crusts on the germination and establishment of two desert annual plants, Chinese National Science Foundation (No.40471006).Project leader.

    2003-2005 Take charge the Key project of Chinese National Scientific foundation. The regulative mechanism of vegetation on soil water cycling in arid desert regions of China (No.90202015).